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Jaye Burke

Author of Southern American Fiction

Historical Fiction   Women's Fiction   Southern Historical Romance   Time Travel Fiction

Take yourself to another place and time...


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​ Ebook and print edition


Print Edition also available at

A girl from wealth.
A poor shrimper’s son.
Impossible in 1916 New Orleans.




In 1968, they blew their chance for happiness together. Can they find a way to do it right this time?


Ebook and print edition



Tragic love during the

Great War and Beyond...










E-Book  and Print edition AVAILABLE at

Print Edition also available at,,

Her life is going great guns, but
World War II is raging.This girl's
patriotic loyalty is about to be
put to the test.

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"VENICE is a beautiful novel, it has a wonderfully vivid and engaging plot, and characters that go on a tremendous journey. Well worth a read." Goodreads Reviewer

"Loved this story. It had everything! I read it in two days because I couldn’t put it down! This would be a beautiful movie to watch!" Amazon Reviewer



"A great nostalgic book for anyone who grew up in the 70s like I did." Goodreads review

"I loved this book about an older woman who leaves her abusive husband and retreats to a cottage. She finds a second chance at love." Netgalley review

"It's such a lovely, emotional story, in parts your heart will be breaking. One to read in a comfortable chair on a winter's day." Netgalley review

"This is an exciting, novella-length WWII story. The plot is spy vs spy inside the USA. The action is non-stop and the story is very realistic. I am going to read more of this author's work." Amazon reviewer

"'Glamour Girl’ is my second work by Jaye Burke. True to her style, the narrative is realistic and engaging and the characters interesting." Amazon reviewer 

"Burke writes wonderful, lyrical prose. When you read her books, you can see the setting -smell it even. She understands the mood of the south." Amazon Reviewer


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JAYE BURKE is a southern historian, genealogist, and bestselling author whose focus is the 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. A southern girl through and through, Jaye is a descendant of the Alabama Pioneers who immigrated to the United States from Norfolk, England, in the late 1600s. 

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and a former 

resident of New Orleans and

Mandeville, Louisiana, she loves classic soul/rock music, arranging flowers and playing in the dirt in the garden. The proud mother of three grown children and an adoring grandmother, Jaye lives with her husband and spoiled baby dachshund, Cristobel, in Woodstock, Georgia.


For any media inquiries, please contact J.M. McManus at

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